Monday, October 18, 2010

How has America been involved in the Middle East?

America like other superpowers have tried to influence and gain power in different regions and countries. America since it's caution involvement in world war 1 has been tremendously influential in shaping the world. The particular region where America seems to be greatly involved in the 21st century is the Middle East. There are several reasons ways America has been involved in Middle Eastern affairs.
Global Connections says "American economic interests -- particularly in assuring access to Middle Eastern oil -- have long motivated presidents and lawmakers to intervene in the region."

Some American involvement in the Middle East are:

1) Involvement in the battle against Islamic radicals across the Middle East
2) Participating in 3 wars over the last couple of decades
Gulf War:Deals with Saddam Hussein threatening oil supply in Kuwait, after invading Kuwait.
Afghanistan War:War against Islamic radical across Afghanistan
Iraq War:Threat of Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction.
3) Playing a major roles in internal wars that occurred in the Middle East such as the Iran-Iraq War. Providing military and monetary support to Middle Eastern nations.
4) Strong economic relationship with oil rich countries such as Saudi Arabia.


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