Monday, November 22, 2010

In what area of the Middle East is most controversy surrounded with American policy?

There has always been controversy surrounding American policy towards the Middle East. Some of the controversy surrounding America in the Middle East are its’ support of Israel, the Iraq War, and War on Afghanistan. American support of Israel is seen to be the destabilizing factor in the Middle East which can be seem as the cause of the recent wars.
Israel is America’s top ally in the Middle East. Many of its’ military weaponry is provided by the US. Prof. Jensen is quoted from "United States puts up with defiance from Israel that it wouldn't tolerate from other client states, but we should remember that U.S. policymakers don't make decisions based on humanitarian grounds. They want to extend and deepen, or at least maintain U.S. power, and those policymakers believe Israel is useful in that regard."
Some of the biased policy America has in dealing with the Middle East is allowing Israel to acquire nuclear weaponry while being a harsh critic of similar development in other Middle Eastern countries. I believe this biased American policy has lead to the Islamist Movement, which sees Israel as undermining the rights of Palestinians.The entire instability currently in the Middle East, comes form nuclear proliferation and radical islamisism which ultimately derives from the resentment of the Israel-US relationship.

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