Sunday, December 5, 2010

Iran US Relations

The relationship between Iran and the US has been an underlying factor influencing the Middle East. The US supported the autocratic regime of the Shah in order to control major aspects of Iran and the Middle East. This is the reason why many Iranians have resentment towards the US. This autocratic government was later toppled by an Islamic Revolution that took power in Iran. Further resentment of America was developed when America supported Iraq when it invaded Iran. Currently there is major tension between Iran and the US on there being supposedly Iranian nuclear weapons program. to the US this a threat to the stability of the Middle East and thus has placed innumerable pressure on Iran through sanction.
"The cumulative effect of sanctions has been to increasingly isolate Iran from the international financial system," said Levey. "Iran is effectively unable to access financial services from reputable banks. And it is finding it increasingly difficult to conduct major transactions in dollars or euros."


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