Friday, January 21, 2011

Iraq War

What are the true reasons America has repeatedly used military force in the Middle East.

The recent justification "former British Prime Minister Tony Blair today maintained for the 2003 invasion of Iraq" was "on the grounds that the Hussein regime might have resumed producing weapons of mass destruction if the potential for military action was removed(" As you can see the number one justification given by politician to invade Iraq was they have possession of Weapons of Mass destruction. Yet, the global security is stated in their website "no evidence of active unconventional weapons programs or working stockpiles has turned up in Iraq in the years following the invasion."

From the website and the movie "why we fight" a more controversial prospective on the motive of the war is shown. In the website it states "briefly, we went to war with Iraq because an influential group of conservatives (now known as "neo-cons") convinced President George W. Bush that it was in America's best interests to conquer Iraq as a first step toward dominating the oil-producing nations in the Middle East and eventually the world."


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